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Fact Sheet

  • Available on iPhone and iPad
  • No in-app purchases, no ads
  • Game Center enabled with Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Contact Brad Kennedy:, twitterfacebook
  • Shiny Talisman Inc. is a small indie studio conceived around the summer of 2013.  Still boasting just a single employee, Brad toils through the trenches coding, drawing, and making (and then recording) strange noises.  Yet despite all his charges, he seems to always be smiling.  Does a smile really exist if there’s no one else to see it?  Of course it does: The bathroom has a mirror and I checked.
  • Find Shiny Talisman’s website here

Caveman Cliff…

Caveman Cliff is a story about a caveman, named Cliff, who wants to live on a cliff.  As levels are completed puzzle pieces will be earned.  The revelation of the puzzles will guide the user through Cliff’s adventure as he struggles against the pterodactyls.  New game mechanics will unlock in relation to what is happening in the story.  Four gorgeously illustrated puzzles (30 levels) will need to be completed to find out how the tale ends for Cliff.

Levels are completed by clearing the cliff of boulders.  The pterodactyls want the cliff for themselves so they’re going to try and stop you.  Things will go quicker if you pile boulders together creating boulder chains.  These chains will also boost your abilities once they’ve been unlocked.

The faster you clear off the cliff the more stars you will earn for the level.  You’ll be able to permanently upgrade your abilities by spending the stars you collect.  There’s other ways to collect stars also; completing achievements and picking mushrooms in the dancing mushroom patch will provide some as well.

Upgrading and boosting your abilities will give you to tools you need to tackle the pterodactyls.  As the story advances they too will gain new powers and you’ll need all the help you can get to compete with them.

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